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Eevee is a Pokémon that has so much potential. It can fill whatever niche your missing in your team, it can be cuddly, slimy, spiky, frozen, or a plant. As long as there have been pokémon people have been speculating on what the next new eevee 'brother' will be (I assume brother because a newborn eevee has an 87.5% chance of being male). We were theorizing a green eevee evolution as early as 1997 10 years before the 2007 release of Diamond/Pearl and Game Freak canonized existence of Leafeon. 


Needless to say I love Eevees. The illustration above is from a Platinum play-through showing my method for "EV training" my Flareon (I don't care if it has no moves it's so fluffy!) 

A good friend of mine Caroline C knew of my love of eevee and during her short stint at the 3D printing company Piecemaker 
she printed off a shiny eevee for me! 





Look at that support material!

Regular eevee's are brown: Shiny eevee's are grey: 

If you don't know a "Shiny" pokemon is a palette swapped version of the original that has a 1/8192 (Generation 4) of occurring randomly in the wild. Many people will play through the entire pokémon franchise without ever encountering a shiny pokemon. I lucked into a shiny eevee while breeding a team of all 7 of the brothers available in Platinum version. With a mother eevee from Alex F and a father Linoone from Lynne G that she wonder traded in from Japan; I successfully utilized the "Masuda Method" which reduces the chances of breeding a shiny from 1/8192 to only 1/1638. I got mine in less then 80 eggs. As a wise man once said never tell me the odds. 


The whole point of this blog post was to talk about the model eevee I was making....after I was given the 3D print I celebrated, this thing is so cool. Then proceed to hack it up. Cut the support material, hit it with a little sand paper, use a file to get into the tight areas and knock the ridges down and then throw down a layer of primer...


There are many methods for cleaning up 3D prints but this is the one I decided to try: the process is something like prime and sand, prime and sand, prime and file and sand, and prime and paint. 

The primer sits heavy in the ridges and builds up to a smooth layer. keep this up until it's a smoth outer layer. 


Then it was painted:



Before it was finished I made a base on the laser cutter with some translucent plastic in red and white and some thinner plastic in black. 





 Put the finishing touches on it, (eyes are hard man) 


I made some extra bases because they were rad. 


Now I have an awesome one-of-a-kind homage to my favorite pokemon that more then a few of my friends have contributed too!! 


It goes great with the "Once in a Blue Moon Umbreon" that Alex crafted for me out of sculpty! <3