Sunset Detector

April 2011 


Done in conjunction with the Gadgetry course through the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon. Course required students to learn Eagle and design a PCB for production. 


This first project was a functional object intended to be given to my room-mate that would detect when the sun had set and that the light levels in the room were too low to be reading text. 

Lighted Level

May 2011 

DMX Pass-Thru Project

September - December 2016


Dillon Lareau came up with an idea for a very small scale programable control board for stadium and theater lighting systems using DMX cables.

I was recruited to create an enclosure for his board. 



The first step was to make up some designs that varied in size and construction and create prototypes in order to test their durability and feasibility when combine with the manufactured parts we were going to be working with. 


The simple rectangular design proved to the the strongest and easiest to manufacture quickly the next steps dealt with power supply, Would it be possible to build an enclosure that stored a battery, how did the material react to being laser-cut and how could we improve the tolerance.

After some trial and error we finally had digital tool-paths that could be adapted for any material thickness or type to enclose this specific circuit board.

All circuit boards and assembly on this project were done by Dillon Lareau.

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Published January 2016​


Ethan Gladding