September 2011


Ruum is a file-sharing and collaboration website designed and prototyped for the 2011 Yahoo! HackU.


The concept of Ruum was to create a fast and easy file sharing and collaboration tool for groups of people working on projects that combine files of many different types. Existing systems required that a user to create profiles, invite collaborators, or possibly store files in complex local directories, the idea may have also been loosely inspired by this XKCD comic


With Ruum we had users create a collaborative space in a browser that could be shared with anyone as easily as sharing a URL. With a single click to create a unique room, then using file uploading with drag and drop capability a user could be reviewing project files in seconds. Additionally live chat, version control, comments on individual files and the capability to edit certain types of files in the browser were all built into our new application.  My team members; Amos Yuen, Chong Xie, Arjuna Hayes, and myself had previously won the local Carnegie Mellon HackU competition with the prototype Flickr-Thru.


We were invited to participate in 2011 Yahoo! Open-Hack All-Stars. After the designated 24 hours of work time we had a functional prototype of our fast and easy file sharing tool that was presented live on stage during the Yahoo! Global Partner Summit. We managed to win the grand prize of $10,000.  I provided graphic design and layout work for this project. 


News Article about the Event 

Interview footage with the team


Thanks to Amos Yuen for preserving these files and information. 

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Ethan Gladding