Topographic Map

Dec 2017 - October 2018

Baltic Birch Plywood Layers, Colored Stain, Solid American Walnut Frame. 

36' x 4' x 4.75"

The construction consisted of ~40x 1/4" Baltic Birch plywood sheets cut on a CNC router into 350+ pieces stained in 5 different green hues and 3 different blue hues and then sealed with coats of Polyurethane. The frame was fabricated out of ~20x 7ft lengths of solid American Walnut. The biggest challenge of this project was that the entire piece had been designed to wrap around a corner in a wall. But a the time the project began the building it would occupy was still under construction and the wall had not yet been framed. So we were unable to take a measure of the miter until ~6 months into the project cycle. 

This project was created for the Google Grove Experience Center in Redwood City, California. It depicts the California coast line running north to south including San Francisco Bay. The client wanted the design to initially appear to be a abstract art piece and not a functional map, so features like labeling, roads, and boundaries were not considered.​


Ethan Gladding